The first review of Horror Month is Shadowvane Podcast, an anthology show in its first season.

The current storyline of Shadowvane, “Progenix”, is sci-fi horror original fiction. Produced in the vein of a radio play, “Shadowvane is a storytelling podcast of a similar format to the old radio dramas of the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s.” says the about tab on their website. I agree with that sentiment. The writer\producer Andrew Lister does a solid job of making the show not only listenable, but well produced enough to draw you into his story.

The self description continues, “Think of the classic War of the Worlds broadcasts from 1938 or more modern podcasting examples like Welcome to Night Vale or Sayer.”. While I definitely find Shadowvane shares many similarities of both feel and substance with Night Vale and more so Sayer, I place its story closer akin to Eli Roth’s Netflix original series Hemlock Grove in its first season. Mystery, medical experiments, creatures more than hinted at, emotional trauma, the stories run a comfortable parallel without ever actually being similar enough to cry “Copy”, which Shadowvane is anything but.

Season one also includes bonus content. “Classic Tales of Terror” features short story readings of the works of Lovecraft, Poe, Phillip K. Dick, and Julius Long. There are also fan submitted stories, a poetry collection, and a behind the scenes episode. The show is faithfully released around the first and fifteenth day of every month with bonus episodes peppered between.

As far as the Horror element goes, this isn’t a jump-scare spookfest, but it is seated firmly within the horror and sci-fi sections. A welcome addition to both.

All in all, Shadowvane is a fun show in its first season, and I’m looking forward to the Progenix storyline conclusion and what’s in store for season 2. I recommend this to sci-fi, horror, and radio-play fans. If you would like to support Shadowvane follow the links below the scoreboard.

Audio Quality\Production: 8
Content\Originality:           8
Consistency:                     9
Likeability:                         8
5’th Element: Horror:         8

Final Score:                       8.4

In addition to the Shadowvane Podcast website, there is also a Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon page if you would like to support them.