Extending the theme from Horror Month, since I didn’t have time to get to all the shows I wanted to, is a show I mentioned in an earlier review, SAYER.

SAYER is an original fiction Scifi-Horror show created by Adam Bash and hosted on the Geekly Inc Podcast network. Here we find a self-aware artificial intelligence construct, SAYER, controlling a space station and communicating with the residents within. This is typically to accomplish some sort of task and usually with great success, as long as you don’t include “Survival of the Resident” as a requirement for said success.

SAYER is a superbly well produced show. From the robotic vocal effects Bash uses to achieve the A.I.’s expressive voice to the music and sound effects, this one leaves no ess de-essed, no breath unmuted, and no opportunity for story enhancing audio is missed. On occasion a “Low Level Alert” catches my eardrums by surprise, but that’s all part of the fun. This is a Scifi-Horror show, after all.

The writing duties are split amongst an excellent writing staff of Jonah Gregory, Nika Howard,and Ashleigh Shadowbrook, with Bash penning the main story arc episodes. Many episodes follow the Monster-of-the-week format between advancement of the main plot, though there are elements even in these tales that tie in deeply with the main canon of SAYER. Some of these stories are better than others, but I have yet to hear one that I found less than entertaining. From start to finish as of the time of this review, Season one episode six is still my favorite.

If you’re a fan of scientifically accurate scifi (I’m not checking the science, but Bash says he is), Body/Psychological Horror, Puzzle solving, and Space Mystery, you’ll love SAYER. The Horror element with this show runs the gamut, from gore to simple implied consequence, and each different facet of it is done quite well. This is a fairly specific show given its genre, but I feel that the writing and production are good enough that even the mildest scifi or horror fan would enjoy it. The squeamish folk or listeners that don’t like being made to think by their entertainment may find SAYER over the top, but those would be few I’d say.

Audio Quality\Production: 10
Content\Originality:           9
Consistency:                     10
Likeability:                         8
5’th Element: Horror:         9

Final Score:                       9.2

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