Last Podcast on the Left is a show devoted to the strange and terrible things in our world, “both imagined and real.” Part of the network, Lpotl has a definite professional vibe in format and voice talent. Hosts Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks all sound like they’ve done extensive voice work. That’s because they have, from TV to Radio to Podcasts. This might put off some listeners turning to podcasts to get away from that “radio morning zoo” feel, it did for me until I got about five episodes in. Once I got used to the fact that these guys sound like dozens of FM morning show voices across the country I could move on to appreciating that they are doing what FM morning show hosts wish they could do: a professionally produced, commercial free, no holds barred personality fest on the topic of their choice.

With topics ranging from serial killers to creepypasta and every morbid curiosity in between, the Last boys go to great lengths to make sure they cover anything spoopy enough to have a subreddit. Many, if not all, of the topics have been covered by other podcasts before. Certainly there has been a movie or History channel mini documentary on each of the subjects covered by Lpotl. Even with such a wealth of “knowledge” on the subject of Nazis and the Occult, or the Dyatlov Pass Incident, or Ghosts, there will always be an audience for an entertaining discussion on the matters macabre. Where this crew keeps it fresh is with their yes-and’s. Having three great comedians with a disturbing interest in the darker subjects of life host a show all but guarantees an entertaining episode.

Consistency is key in keeping a podcast audience engaged and Lpotl has it on lock. A huge episode drop mid-February 2015 leads me to believe the show switched servers or joined their network around that time, but according to itunes they’ve put out an episode every week at a minimum from then til now, march 2016. Not only is this hard to do just in terms of content generation, the length of the episodes being over an hour each, the show never drops in quality from an audio standpoint.

As said earlier, if you can’t get over the professional “radio voice” sound of the show, you won’t be able to get into it. This show is also not for sensitive people. If you can’t handle a dead baby joke on the internet, DO NOT listen to this show. This is no bastion of political correctness. The hosts are all likeable guys, but they leave nothing unsaid to the point that they actually cross each other’s lines on occasion.

While the subjects covered during the show are undeniably in the Horror genre, they branch out enough to be considered something more than a Horror\Comedy podcast. I compare them more to the likes of The Dollop, with the focus being more on the education and entertainment than the horror of the stories. That being said, the fifth element here is most decidedly horror of the underlying sort. Aside from the episodes that feature actual 911 calls from murderers during their crimes, there is always an air of creep that will get under your skin no matter how much funny is brought by the hosts. It’s this odd mix of skin crawling and gut busting that keeps me coming back for more. Much like Symphonic Black Metal music, love of the juxtaposition between beauty and atrocity is required to fully appreciate what is presented by the Last Podcast on the Left. Megustalations, fellas.

Audio Quality\Production: 9
Content\Originality:           8
Consistency:                     10
Likeability:                         7
5’th Element: Horror:         7

Final Score:                       8.2

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