“JET FUEL CAN’T MELT STEEL BEAMS!” may or may not be uttered during an episode of Those Conspiracy Guys, but it’ll be in an Irish accent, which makes everything better.

In case you haven’t guessed yet, Those Conspiracy Guys (hosted by Gordon Rochford and Paul Kelly of Ireland) is a conspiracy theory podcast. With topics ranging from 9\11 to Kurt Cobain to the Mothman, TCG covers all the tinfoil hatter’s favorites and a few that you may not have heard of. The latest release as of this review is a six and a half hour omnibus on Grimoires including H.P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon.

The production value in the current season is comparable to many professional shows as far as audio quality goes, though this wasn’t the case early on. I’ve been listening to these folks go on about checking sources and allegedly alleging allegiance for a long time now, and I can happily say they have taken every step they could along the way to improve the show. From building a great website, to buying new microphones, to taking advice on how to improve the audio, TCG has spent every dime from their Patreon, and it seems every waking hour, either recording the show or improving the entire experience they provide.

If you know anything about conspiracy theories, you’ll probably be wondering why you should give TCG a chance. Fair enough, considering all the material out there already. What you get here is concise points with logic and laughs in between. It remains one of my greatest sources of both thought provoking theories and dick jokes in podcast form. If you have a sense of humor and intrigue, a love of mystery and masturbation goofs, this is for you.

The episode release schedule had been hit or miss during the first season, as many shows are, but after a few months off between season one and two TCG has been a reliable twice-a-month show. Season three, with its improved audio quality and longer episode lengths, seems to be the comfortable point for the show and I hope future seasons feel the same.

Some people may not like three to six hours of conspiracy talk at a time, and that’s fine. That’s what the pause button is for. For the rest of us, this long-form style of conversational inquisition is exactly what the internet has needed. Delving through all the meandering Youtube videos, blog posts, exposés, and docutainment so we don’t have to, TCG feels like the guys you meet at the pub and bullshit with for hours on end, yet never feel like you’ve wasted a minute.

The fifth element in TCG has got to be sincerity. The fact that Gordon and Paul, and any guests they have on, are honestly and truthfully discussing the topics without fear of reprisal or judgement leads to some great conversation. Sophomoric humor and outlandish theories aside, these guys are just great to listen to because they give true and honest thought to what they are saying, which is only made better by the fact that it’s sophomoric humor and outlandish theories. Whether you agree or disagree, you have to commend them on their sincere passion. Remember to check your sources, and get off the fence.

Audio Quality\Production: 8
Content\Originality:           8
Consistency:                     9
Likeability:                         7
5’th Element: Sincerity:         8

Final Score:                       8

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