Hello, and welcome to Podarazzi Reviews.

For the entire month of October I will be reviewing Horror podcasts of many sorts, original fiction, continuous storyline, docudrama, anthology, all available within the genre. As this is the inaugural themed month, I’ll explain first my process and give you a look into my head.

To be considered for review a show must have at least 3 episodes, fit the theme of the month if there is one, and be currently active on iTunes, Stitcher, or otherwise easily accessible via RSS.

All reviews are accompanied by an iTunes\Stitcher review from the Podarazzi account.

Review scores will be based on five categories:

  1. Audio Quality and Production. Is the show listenable and is there work done beyond the basic cleanup?
  2. Content and Originality. Does the show do a good job of providing original content within their chosen genre, or at least find a new way of presenting what’s out there already?
  3. Consistency. Does the show come out regularly and on schedule?
  4. Likeability. This is the catch-all that includes the hosts, format, ad-cuts, and everything else that effects a listener’s willingness to return for another episode.
  5. The Fifth Element. This is a genre specific category. This month it’s Horror, so the 5’th here is Spook-factor. Does the show creep, spook, scare, or morbidly entertain?

So now you have an idea of what I’ll be doing here. Look forward to reviews of these shows during Horror Month.

And possibly more, if Limetown and Scared? get up to three episodes by months end.

If you would like a review of a podcast, yours or one you listen to, email me at PodarazziReview@gmail.com